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    Kernel panic - Unable to mount fs

    Hi all,

    After successfully installing the 2.6.13 kernel from the 10.2 second cd i unpacked kernel-source-2.6.13 .tgz (on the second cd) and got the generic config file and copied it over /usr/src/linux/.config then ran make menuconfig and loaded the .config file (just to be sure it uses that config file which works), then did the modules ("make modules" then "make modules_install"), Then, copied the kernel and to /boot/ ("cp arch/i386/boot/bzImage /boot/vmlinuz" then "cp /boot") and added this to lilo.conf:

    image = /boot/vmlinuz
      root = /dev/hda1
      label =Slacknew
    This is the other section of the lilo.config that worked before changing the kernel:

    image = /boot/vmlinuz-generic-2.6.13
      root = /dev/hda1
      label ="Slack2.6.13"
    When i reboot and pick the new kernel it starts booting then i get
    Unable to mount fs on unknown-block(3.1)
    Can someone tell me what i did wrong ?

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    What kind of filesystem are you using?

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    reiserfs isn't configured into the kernel by default. i'll assume that you've already done this tho
    strange thing i had with gentoo was when i tried to compile something in later, it didn't work properly. you can try
    make uninstall {kernelfoo}
    to get rid of the bzImage created by the installer. you can then compile the kernel from scratch again, which seems to have a better success rate.
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