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    problem in reading input fron keyboard

    i just want to read a character from keyboard which i can do by getch() in user mode but i want to read it in kernel module so plz any one tell me about any function equivalent to getch() in kernel mode or some other way to get input.plz reply soon and thanx in advance for answer

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    we cant interact with the user directly from the kernel like getch()....but instead we We use put_user to copy the string from the kernel's memory segment to the memory segment of the process that called us. get_user, BTW, is used for the reverse.

    You can go through the in depth on /proc or so....


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    thanx Jyothi for ur reply and concern but kindly plz explain get_user() and put_user() in more detail and if possible do send some code by which we can send data form kernel to user mode.
    thanx once again for reply.

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