Kernel optimisation for Half Life Dedicated Server

System: Fedora Core 4

CPU: 2x Intel Xeon 2.4

"The SE7501WV2 server board supports a dual-channel gigabit network interface controller based on the Intel 82546EB. The 82546EB is a highly integrated PCI LAN controller in a 21 mm2 PBGA package. The controller supports 10/100/1000 operation on both channels as well"

RAM: 2GB pc 2100
Video: ATI Rage XL 8mb

How can i tweak kernel for best performance?

i made
+ kernel hz timer = 1000
+ HT Hyper-threading OFF
+ swap off
+ nice- -20

What else can i do? I need 2 high quality servers (1 cpu = 1 server)

p.s In HLDS im using -pingboost 2 +sys_ticrate 10000, with -pingboost -3 it feels to fast.