Hi sirmoreno,

When building a 2.6 Kernel you don't have to do make dep bzImage....
make modules_install
should be enough.

For make menuconfig:
If you're using an IDE drive, goto
Device Drivers  --->
ATA/ATAPI/MFM/RLL support  --->
scroll down to
 --- generic/default IDE chipset support
and check if your IDE chipset ist enabled. If you're using
a SCSI drive, goto
SCSI device support  --->
SCSI low-level drivers  --->
and check if your SCSI controller is enabled.
You should also have a look at
File systems  --->
and check if you have all filesystems you need.

If you compile them as a module, [M] should be shown on the left side.
In this case, you have to create an initial ramdisk (man mkinitrd).

The easiest way would be, to compile these options into your kernel.
Activate those options by pressing 'y'
(menuconfig should show[*] on the left side of these options).