Hey all,

I'm using Debian unstable, and I'm using the Debian packages for linux-source-2.6.15.

I'm no stranger to compiling my own kernels, but I ran into a problem last night that I still haven't been able to sort out. My current kernel is called 2.6.15-jdietri2-5-686-smp as it is the fifth iteration of my custom 2.6.15 kernels. I decided last night to try and compile another, here the only change being the addition of Software Suspend. So I started with the current kernel config file, and just changed the Software Suspend option and the version number directive so that I build 2.6.15-jdietri2-6-686-smp. Then I did:

make-kpkg clean
fakeroot make-kpkg kernel_image
...as I've always done to build a deb image for my new kernel.

But late in the build I get an error (I don't have the text in front of me as I'm not at home) with something to the effect of:

"The UTS_RELEASE_VERSION in include/linux/version.h, '2.6.15-jdietri2-6-686-smp' differs from the current version '2.6.15'. Please correct this."

As mentioned, I've compiled with make-kpkg many times before (five alone for this kernel) and never had this problem.

Any ideas?