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    Interrupt Scheduling @ Kernel 2.4.18

    Hi everyone!

    I need help.
    I'm using Kernel 2.4.18 on an embedded Linux system (ARM) with 206 MHz.

    When using UDP at the LAN interface there is a loss of telegrams when the number of telegrams is increased.
    The LAN controller chip is a SMSC91C111 and uses interrupts.

    I think that the Kernel scheduler does not handle all interrupts from the controller chip and so I need more information on how the Kernel scheduler works with special regard on interrupts.
    May be there is a constant time for an interrupt handler of e.g. 1 ms and if there if there are 10 interrupts at the same time some are ignored, know what I mean? Or is this ********?

    Thank you,

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    AFAIK, the linux kernel can be executing these 4 types of code:

    1- Hardware interrupts
    2- Software interrupts (like a timer)
    3- Kernel code with no user process associated
    4- Kernel code in user process context

    The upper ones can preempt the lower ones, so if a hardware interrupt arrives, it has a higher priority than the other types of code. I'm not sure, but I don't think that the kernel looses some interrupts.

    Best regards!

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