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Thread: USB Device

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    USB Device


    I have two computers. One with windows and one with Linux 2.6.

    I want the windows computer to recognize the Linux computer if connect a USB cable between them.

    So the windows computer is the host and the Linux is the device.

    How do I configure the Kernel for this using the "make menuconfig" command.
    I have succeed to get a memorystick to work on the Linux computer so the USB is working.

    I need to build a device driver later on but for now I just want the windows computer to "wake up" when i plug in the USB cable. I just want to see that I have communication between them.


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    Is this just ANY usb connector? If so, you probably wont be able to do it, if it's one of them ones that has some thing along the cable that means it shows as a network card, then you will need a linux driver for the network card
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    It's just a AA USB cable between them.

    Do i need to write a kernel driver to get the windows computer to recognize that a USB cabel is being plugged in?

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    I must admit, i have never known that to work between 2 computers, not even 2 windows computers ... I know u can get cables that have like a box in the middle that acts as a network connection between the 2 ends, but never known a A-A cable work for that reason.
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    I have a new "computer" with a USB device socket on it.
    So this computer has the option of becoming a usb device.

    So now I can connect a A-B USB Cable between windows and linux.

    What do I have to do to get linux to act as a usb device?

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    Activate USB Mini port?

    How do I activate a USB Mini port? (B port)

    I know how to activate a USB A port in linux 2.6. (you just add SCSI support, USB support and USB Mass Storage Support if you want to use a Memory stick)

    But how do I "activate" a USB mini port?


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