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    Loading Modules Problem

    Hi everyone.

    I m trying to load the modules at the bootup. I know how to load a modules. But there is a problem that how i know what is the hardware attacted and what its modules name.

    Infact i have created a bootable disc. For this purpose i have compiled kernel while staying in suse linux distribution. For the time being i have compiled it with all the modules support in it (i.e static kernel compilation) Now i want to complie it dynamically means loading the modules dynamically. If i know the module then i can load it easily.

    but if i boot a system with my bootable disc i dont know what hardware it has and what modules to load.

    Is there any way that i get the hardware information and name of the module by using my bootable disc then i can easily load it.


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    I think in you can find it in YAST by hardware. Don't know the exact name i'm have Mandriva.

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    use lspci. this will list all the hardware that linux detects and its name. use this to select the right modules to load. check menuconfig as it tells you the name of the modules that are used for the hardware.
    lsmod also helps with this, by telling you what modules are already loaded.
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    I tried lspci but got some different information.

    shell> lspci

    00:00.0 Class 0600: 8086:2560 (rev 03)
    00:02.0 Class 0300: 8086:2562 (rev 03)
    00:1d.0 Class 0c03: 8086:24c2 (rev 02)
    00:1d.1 Class 0c03: 8086:24c4 (rev 02)
    00:1d.2 Class 0c03: 8086:24c7 (rev 02)
    00:1d.7 Class 0c03: 8086:24cd (rev 02)
    00:1e.0 Class 0604: 8086:244e (rev 82)
    00:1f.0 Class 0601: 8086:24c0 (rev 02)
    00:1f.1 Class 0101: 8086:24cb (rev 02)
    00:1f.3 Class 0c05: 8086:24c3 (rev 02)
    00:1f.5 Class 0401: 8086:24c5 (rev 02)
    01:02.0 Class 0200: 10d9:0531 (rev 25)

    From it how can i get the hardware information

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