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    Suspend application from memory and CPU

    I am running a Linux desktop server on a network with about 150 users. I wrote a desktop that wraps IceWM inside a VNC connection to enable automatic logout of users when they are away from their computers. Using desktops this way is great because as soon as they log back in their programs are still up and ready to continue from where they left it.

    Unfortunatly this uses a lot of RAM and some CPU power for no good purpose. When the users are away from their computers the programs continue to use resources when it is not needed.

    What I need is some way to suspend an application, not the entire system just a user session. I would like to freeze the applications and remove them from RAM and stop the CPU from running them. The PIDs, sockets and temp files would remain but the server just would not give them any attention. Then when the user logs in again the server would have some way to recover the applications to RAM and allow the CPU to continue to use them as before.

    This sounds like a kernel level feature that I need. Is there any way to do this either in the kernel, some patch or a program of some kind?

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    I dont think there is any way to do that as of yet. All I can recommend is maybe reniceing them to +20 so their priority isnt that high and the load wont be felt. This may also cause the the processes to be swapped out. Again im not sure, but try it.

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    You can try to send the SIGSUSPEND to stop the process. It is like when you type Ctrl+Z the process is suspended, but AFAIK, the file descriptors remains opened.

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