Hey all:

My county school system is currently willing to give me old computers to make a Linux cluster running some sort of BOINC application. However, I want to use this cluster for other things as well.

Though I was initially into implementing openMOSIX, I've turned that idea down, as openSSI and Kerrighed can migrate individual threads, and function as, IMO, "true SSI" setups.

From what I know, Kerrighed is still experimental, but by far the best, performance-wise. OpenSSI doesn't have quite the featureset that Kerrighed does, but it's much more modular and supported (with funding coming from HP ).

Thus, what should I choose for an Ubuntu cluster? Any personal experience?

Please don't rehash the same old websites...I've already Googled for quite a while now.

Thanks for your help, though.