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    ext3 loads as ext2

    i compiled kernel 2.4.20-8 with an added module. my first kernel compile. it wasn't much, i just added that bootsplash thingie. but i get an error somewhere in the boot and it doesn't load my FS as ext3 but reverts to ext2. somthing about ide0(3,2).. . i couldn't get the rest of it coz it goes up fast. anyone has any idea on this? i haven't checked my boot logs if the error was there. it should be, right guys? dmesg doesn't show this error.

    also, what happened to my nvidia driver? it's not working properly anymore on both my kernels. did i miss a module on compile? where should i select this module, coz as i can remember, i did an M on nvidia driver support.
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    nevermind on that nvidia driver thing. it looks like i have to reinstall it. dang! i deleted the driver and now have to download again. sheesh.. . oh well.. .

    i'll post that error here about that filesystem going to ext2 instead of ext3 as soon as i find it in the logs. must be there somewhere.

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    here are the errors i have found:

    1.) RAMDISK: Couldn't find valid RAM disk image starting at 0.
    Freeing initrd memory: 105k freed

    2.) EXT2-fs warning (device ide0(3,2)): ext2_read_super: mounting ext3 filesystem as ext2

    VFS: Mounted root (ext2 filesystem) readonly.

    3.) WARNING: Kernel Errors Present
    end_request: I/O error, dev 16:00 (hdc)...: 9Time(s)
    end_request: I/O error, dev 16:40 (hdd)...: 36Time(s)

    4.) Can't locate these modules:
    block-major-34: 12 Time(s)
    block-major-33: 12 Time(s)
    sound-service-1-0: 40 Time(s)
    sound-service-0-0: 10 Time(s)
    char-major-97: 5 Time(s)
    sound-slot-1: 40 Time(s)

    anyone care to explaing what all these are?

    the first one seems to be related to bootsplash. the seconde one came out whenever i boot the new kernel. both are new errors.

    the last 2, have been there even before the new kernel, although i didn't bother with it. it doesn't seem to affect the system directly.

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    the 2 replies above are still me - xylex_blaiste - and i logged in but i don't know why it's GUEST showing there.

    ok, advice anyone .. .
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    ok, i think i forgot to add support for ext3, that's why it's having an error. hehehe.. .
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    ok this is a follow-up and i know it's been 2 months+/-, but it certainly didn't take me that long to solve those problems. hehehe... just didn't have time to do it. blame it on school. the kernel was pretty stable anyway so i didn't bother about it.

    anyway, i was sure i had ext3 set in the config file at that time i compiled the kernel way back in Feb. so last night ( school's done already *yeah!* ) i recompiled the kernel. the thing i missed is that under filesystems, ext3 is supposed to be included, that's wih a 'Y', and not as module, 'M'. i used default Redhat distro config under i386 and the default is 'M' for ext3.

    if you have an nvidia driver installed, it won't work under the new kernel. have the nvidia installer script compile a new driver under your new kernel but make sure you don't delete/uninstall your kernel-source dir, the one that you have after the kernel compile. a fresh kernel-source won't do it. it will only say "no kernel headers found.. ." or something like that.

    just so you clueless newbies like moi out there will know and not make simple stupid mistakes like i did. hope this helps.. .
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