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    Problems in rebooting Kernel 2.4.20 after compling Kernel 2.6.6

    I have installed the module-init-tools-3.2.2
    After that I have compiled Kernel 2.6.6 ( all the necessary steps ).
    It's suucesful.

    Now when I try to reboot my original Kernel 2.4.20 its's reporting ceratin errors.

    modprobe : can't locate vfat
    can't locate freevfat

    mount: fs type vfat not supported

    Along with these other errors crept in like : can't restore iptables

    I can work in text mode. But when I try startx , it gives errors

    Can anyone help me in fixing these bugs ??

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    well if you have any display driver they will have to be recompiled to work with the new kernel, also did you select the vfat option in the kernel config? and iptables is now part of the kernel in 2.6.x so do some reading

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    I can boot my new kernel 2.6.6. It gives only one error : fs type ext3 not supported.
    From the text mode when I try startx , it gives errors like: can't find /dev/agpgart and ceratin other errors

    How can i configure my X11 settings ??

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    well ext3 is not set in your kernel config, to reset your x settings run the script, for xorg its "xorgconfig"

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