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    How to rebuild...


    I want to tweak some code in the OpenSuse 10.1 (2.6.16 kernel) i386 version of entry.S. I downloaded the source when I installed the system so, as far as I can tell, everything is available. What is the minimum amount of work (i.e. what commands) needed to rebuild this file and incorporate it in an updated kernel?

    I'm not interested in changing any of the current configuration parameters. I'll continue to use what's currently defined.

    Thanks - Martin

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    AFAIK, if the Makefile is properly written (I'm almost sure it is...) the only file that will be compiled will be entry.S. However, you will need the linkage with the other .o files in order to build the whole kernel image. So a simple 'make' should work. Then you will need to create the initrd and the lilo/grub entry.

    BTW, you're going to change a very hard coded file... touch with care... and good luck!


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