Iam trying to replace the Flash used in my project. Kernel used is Monta Vista linux 2.4.17
Currently we are using the AMD/Spansion Flash. And everything works fine with that. Now I would like to replace it to ATMEL Flash.
When I replace the Flash to the ATMEL one with the bootloader and then try loading the kernel and filesystem through the bootloader prompt, The Image(kernel+filesystem) gets loaded fine. When I reboot or turn off and on again, the kernel gets loaded and I can see the bash # prompt of the fully loaded kernel+filesystem in the console hyperterminal. The application web page written also gets loaded and can be browsed. now if I make any changes in the webpage(config manager or device manager) and click on save and then reboot for saved changes to take effect, then....
I get back only the bootloader and its prompt. I loose all the set enviormnantal variables(MTD values) as well as the kernel and filsystem.
Any idea why this could be happening and what Can I do to solve this problem?