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    how to delete a file socket

    I know this is not on the topic of the kernel, but people elswhere don't know.
    Ok, so I wnat to delete a file socket such as
    srwx--Srwt 65479 3351773127 4291282887 4291282887 Nov 19 1969 irkickoff.png
    but I cannot as documented below:
    [root@localhost actions]# rm irkickoff.png
    rm: remove write-protected socket `irkickoff.png'? y
    rm: cannot remove `irkickoff.png': Operation not permitted
    [root@localhost actions]#
    [root@localhost actions]# chown luke irkickoff.png
    chown: changing ownership of `irkickoff.png': Operation not permitted
    [root@localhost actions]#

    Please HELP !!!!!

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    Did you try it as root or with the command sudo in front of "sudo rm ..." or after "sudo su -"?

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