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    System Doesnt Shutdown

    i am using intel 865GSA motherboard , intel 2.66GHZ Dual core processor after installing that it shows 1. Linux 2.4.20-8 SMP 2.Linux up 2.4.20-8 while i am booting in SMP mode and after giving the command shutdown -h 0 all the shutdown process is going after that the power is not going to switch off, it is forced to press the on/off button to make the system off. but this problem is not in the Linux up 2.4.20-8 any ideas to solve the problem ?

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    Make sure that you enabled the ACPI support in that kernel. I'm almost sure it is the problem.

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    SMP mode Problem

    Thank you for you reply. i have enabled the ACPI support in the bios, i need to know how to enable the acpi in the kernal

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    As mentioned above. When you are left at the "power off" text after the system is halted, is generally caused by not having acpi or apm support compiled into your kernel. Another cause would it not being supported by your BIOS (not likely nowadays) or it being turned off in the BIOS.

    Make sure that if you do have power management capabilties in your kernel that aren't booting with something such as noacpi from your bootloader.

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    SMP problem

    thanks for your Reply. i have done the ACPI Support Enabled in the BIOS. but i dont know how to enable in the kernal

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    After ACPI is called off....

    After ACPI is called off......
    system stays in halt state and it needs manual pressing to put offf the machine.... What Should i do .... Please reply in details....

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