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    inter-threading communication with message port/message queue


    I really don't know where to put this thread appropriately so I just post it here.

    I want to do is to provide an extension for a standard threads
    library so that threads from different processes can communicate with
    each other directly e.g. one thread from process A can remotely delete
    a thread from process B using some kind of communication method. In
    order to do this I decided to use message passing which might have
    several implementations such as pipes, fifo, message queue. I have
    briefly gone through coordination mechanisms available on Linuxthreads
    and Pth. I reckoned that Linuxthreads uses pipes as an interthreading
    communication mechanism whilst Pth derives a new mechanism Message port
    to accomplish that inter-threading communication.

    Here the question comes: does Pth and Linuxthreads support message
    queue mechanism? If yes then how do you compare the efficiency between
    Message queue , Message port ? I mean what are the pros and cons of Message port?

    Best rewards

    Jimmy C

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    Sorry, I don't have an answer for your question, but I should point out that letting threads control other processes's threads could be dangerous if there isn't some kind of access control. I once saw a bit of code for Windows that would insert an extra thread into every process (very useful for a virus), and this would allow stuff like that. Just ignore me if you've already thought of that.
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    well, there will have to be some methods controlling the communications betwee n these threads such as letting threads in specific processes communicate each other only.

    I haven't thought of that really. What I really care at the moment is to set up a proper communication mechanism between threads. Thank you for your advice.

    It seems that people don't care much about multi-threading programming


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