May 17, 2004

"Freescale will unveil the first ColdFire processors ever to include a memory management unit (MMU), and therefore able to run full-scale Linux, this week at the Embedded Processor Forum in San Jose, Calif. Simultaneously, Freescale tools subsidiary Metrowerks announced that it plans to offer Linux development tools for the core, and will continue to offer -- and enhance -- its uClinux tools for MMU-less ColdFire cores."

After debugging the CPU for 2 years, the new, bug free Coldfire CPU is available on the market. The CPU will be used for PoE (Power Over Ethernet) terminal, hand crank computers, low power computers etc. .

Unfortunately I cannot find any link to ordinary, full feature Linux Kernel for Coldfire.

The information about Linux Kernel 2.6 (see Tutorial section of this forum) mention uLinux version for Coldfire without MMU, but there is no mention about Linux kernel for Coldfire CPU with MMU.

Where is the full feature Linux kernel for ColdFire CPU with MMU?
Thank you.