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    your kernel build blunders/advice/tips

    i built my 2.6.xx.x 54 times before the damn thing booted. the problem: i dont like using initrd(fewer files to keep track of). i could not find where the hell the drivers were i NEEDED to build in for the HD(turned out it ws some sata and i was trying to use ide). bootsplash took a bit of figuring out. this newer kernel wanted to use /dev/hdx instead of /dev/sdx for the root=(oh that was fun guessing the options)

    what i do now: only build in drivers needed for it to boot(i know loading modules takes more ram)
    dont build ANY support for 802.11(download the subsystem and drivers for your card and build after. for some reason my ipw2200 wouldnt work unless i did this)
    keep an eye on what friggen version of gcc i used...
    make nice shell scripts to do all the work for you!
    never got the mmc reader working...
    god knows how many cpu cycles i wasted on failed boots.(tis was all done on my inspiron 9300)

    share your stories!

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    On one of my first attempts at rebuilding Slackware's 2.4.29 kernel, I selected it in LILO, "Loading kernel image...." appeared, then it started printing tons of random characters which filled the screen. I quickly shut off the power, then booted with my old kernel and recompiled, and it worked that time. I still have no idea just what went wrong.
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