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    udev unable to receive kernel netlink message

    I have the following error spewing all over my logs and causing big problems from the sheer number of logs (dozens if not hundreds per second!)
    udevd[1019]: get_netlink_msg: unable to receive kernel netlink message: Socket operation on non-socket
    I have tried recompiling my kernel with these compiled direcly into the kernel
    General Settings --> 
      Export task/process statistics through netlink (EXPERIMENTAL)
    Networking --> 
      Network Options --> 
        Network packet filtering (replaces ipchains) --> 
          Core Netfilter Configuration --> 
            Netfilter netlink interface
              Netfilter NFQUEUE over NFNETLINK interface
              Netfilter LOG over NFNETLINK interface
    in order to try to make it stop, rebooted into new kernel but it still hasn't helped. I have only found one reference to this on the web which is where I got the idea to recompile the kernel with these settings ( I'm using udev-103.

    This page says that I should have it enable with config_net by default but then why the heck is it complaining about this a million times a minute?

    Any ideas on how to fix this?

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    No ideas, just that if you are not a developer, it's quite useless to enable that feature just to be sick of crashing.

    Best Regards

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