I managed to use GAG on a floppy to access LILO installed on the root partition of drive three to boot Mandrake 9.2 installed on five partitions of drive three and thereby avoided installing LILO on the MBR of a Promise TX2000 (20271) ATA133 undetected mirrored Raid "volume." All went as planned except I lost both Windows XP operating systems with a fatal NT error. I completed one XP repair and still couldn't boot it because, as I found out later, the XP had changed its installation drive letter. Luckily, I used the DOS utility Disksave.exe to save the MBR beforehand, remembered that fact, restored it, and recovered both XP's. And I was able to boot linux successfully as well using GAG and LILO. Next, I compiled a 2.6.4 kernel with Promise 20271 Raid support. I apparently succeeded and can now get the boot process started but fstab linux partition entries are now all wrong. I can't get far enough to get a dmesg from the 2.6.4 kernel. Where I had hard drives hde, hdf, and hdg, before, now I have a "single" boot volume hde and ordinary drive hdf. Now it looks like to me I have one chance to get fstab right and the same single chance to lose the whole operating system if I don't. My question is, will the emergency boot disk work despite the changed fstab entries? And if not is there another way to get the system back? Thanks for your assistance in advance.