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    Newbie questions around kernel updating

    OK I am an experienced Windows software developer and I have experience with UNIX (FreeBSD) and a little Linux in text mode. I am taking the plunge with Linux. I have installed Redhat on my home desktop machine.

    It's a twisted path but am want to get sound working so I have to recompile the kernel, cool. There isn't a real good documentation for this process. Well not the recompiling I've done that. I actually tried to run the script provided by Intel to get their motherboard aoundcard to work. But I didn't have the source on the system. The install documentation doesn't even touch on this but if you have the CD's made from the iso's is there a de facto standard for where to put the source packages? I figured the directory /usr/src/redhat/SRPMS was probably a good place but it is owned by root.

    In the GUI interface is there some way in Nautilus to change ownership?
    Can I give my login account root priviledges?

    Guide me someone please.

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    To gain root priviledges type su -
    You will then be prompted for the root password. This is all done from
    a shell (like Konsole). You then can run commands as root.
    In your scenario you would then cp or mv the source to /usr/src/redhat/SRPMS.
    mv /home/zdawg/something /usr/src/redhat/SRPMS
    It is now moved.
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    Thanks, but I know su. I was wondering if there wa a way to su Nautilus.

    The point is moot. I was being dumb. I looked up the documentation for rpm.

    Now I have more questions but I'll create a new thread.

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