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    compile kernel without initrd dependency

    Hi group,

    Can someone please point me to proper instructions on how to remove the initrd dependancy of my kernel. I can compile and configure my kernel just fine. I may not know what every single option always means but if I can reconfigure and recompile no problem.

    I would also need to understand any changes necessary for my grub.conf file.

    The hardware is a Dell Inspiron 8200 laptop, so there is an IDE hard drive. I have compiled IDE support into my kernel along with the EXT2/3 file system support but that apparently is not enough.


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    Initrd images are optional, so if you don't want one, then don't create one. Just make sure you do not use your distros .config file because it may set most things to be modules, in which case you may need an initrd image if you want support for the filesystem of your root device. Also remember to compile into the kernel support for the filesystems you use on your system especially the / partition.

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    I would also need to understand any changes necessary for my grub.conf file.
    You just need to set the name of the new kernel in the kernel line, and remove the initrd line if you didn't create one
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