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    Kernel compile error (ATM driver)

    I have been trying for a few days to get my ADSL modem working under Knoppix 2.78 (installed in my hard disk), and so I decided to upgrade the Linux kernel from 2.6.9 to 2.6.19. I followed the "classic procedure" described in 'Debian reference'...
    When I got to the make config part, I didn't understand much really (I'm still a Linux rookie), I just wanted to get to the ATM/USB part so as to set things as specified in Ueagle-atm-doc. Even so, I read the help text for almost every option and tried to choose the best one.
    Nevertheless, maybe I messed up there, since when I try to build the modules (make modules) I get this error:

    "make[2] error : No rule to make target y, necessary for drivers/atm/fore200e_pca_fw.c"

    I googled about this, but all I found was an old patch for the atm drivers makefile, which my version already had. So I guess that's not the problem...
    I'm at a loss here... Any help will be appreciated.

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    You must install the kernel headers and source.
    Here's a (Debian) guide that may helps:


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    Thanks, Franklin, I'm gonna get my hands on that!
    Wish me luck

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