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    Access user address from the kernel

    Can someone kindly let me know if it is possible to access the user process' address space from a kernel thread.
    I tried changing the mm pointer from NULL to a user space mm but it OOPSed giving page fault error.(Or is there anything else i need to apart from resetting the mm pointer and active_mm pointer to user thread's mm and active_mm?)

    I also tried to tried to reset the cr3 register of the processor executing the kernel thread to the user thread's cr3(My machine has 2 processors) but it didnt help either.
    I am stuck with this for a loong time now.Kindly let me know if this is possible.
    Thanks a lot,

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    Although I have no idea why you might be trying to do this, is there a very good reason why you can't use one of the established mechanisms for user <-> kernel communication?

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    Linux Newbie burntfuse's Avatar
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    I'm not a kernel hacker, but I think there's a function called copy_to_user that's for copying from kernelspace memory to userspace memory.
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    trouble over copy_to_user


    I used copy_to_user in kernel I made update to and reboot, my program start to fail on this particular call. Anyone has idea?


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    For copy_to_user() I queried always access_ok() before. Not for copy_from_usser. I don't remember anymore why. I only remember that I spent some time with this.
    (BTW, the example is from a 2.4.x driver.)

    if (copy_from_user (&hxx_afe_if, rq->ifr_data, sizeof(hxx_afe_if)))
    return -EFAULT;

    if (0 != access_ok(VERIFY_WRITE, &rq->ifr_data, sizeof(data)))
    return -EFAULT;
    if ((result = copy_to_user (rq->ifr_data, &hxx_afe_if, sizeof(hxx_afe_if))))
    return -EFAULT;
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    Invalid module format response from modprobe

    Thanks Dilbert for your response!

    I made mistake. It may not be copy_to_user problem. I think I copied my driver into wrong place (for older version of kernel) that caused the ioctl function not work which used copy_to_user in the ioctl. However, I am having trouble to insmod or modprobe my driver. I got "Invalid module format" after my mobprobe.

    Anyone has idea?


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