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    compilation of makefile

    I have a makefile for kernel device drivers
    # Makefile for the kernel mmc device drivers.

    # Core
    obj-$(CONFIG_MMC) += mmc_core.o

    # Media drivers
    obj-$(CONFIG_MMC_BLOCK) += mmc_block.o

    # Host drivers
    obj-$(CONFIG_MMC_ARMMMCI) += mmci.o
    obj-$(CONFIG_MMC_PXA) += pxamci.o
    obj-$(CONFIG_MMC_IMX) += imxmmc.o
    obj-$(CONFIG_MMC_SDHCI) += sdhci.o
    obj-$(CONFIG_MMC_WBSD) += wbsd.o
    obj-$(CONFIG_MMC_AU1X) += au1xmmc.o

    mmc_core-y := mmc.o mmc_queue.o mmc_sysfs.o

    ifeq ($(CONFIG_MMC_DEBUG),y)

    When i type
    make mmc_core/mmc_core-y
    it gives error like "no rule to make target "

    Question is
    How to get object file from this makefile

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    allocating driver statically or as a loadable module is what u have to understand.

    while writing makefile observe
    obj-m means include driver at run time ie as loadable module that is what ur trying
    obj-y means when ur making driver compile along with kernel

    i think u got those macros after u did menuconfig u have written some macros i see (try to google as loadable driver modules)

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