Hello, I am Garo Garabedyan from Sofia, Bulgaria. I want to share with you one idea about executing software not in a virtual memory jail in order to make the execution proccess faster than usual.
I am a big fan of Open Source, I think that it is the way software have to be licensed, but when downloading a source code and compiling it and putting it in virtual memory, in my opinion, is not the best way of making things done.
I believe that there is a way to ensure that the source that we execute from compiled file is not accessing others program memory. So try to think about this, can we make the source code of a program executeable, too. It will be easier to execute sources by only running them instead compiling and building.
I think that in the kernel should be an algorithm to check the source code and to say to the Virtual Memory Manager to not capsulate this program in a VM. I am not very deep with the linux kernel but i hope i will go as far as it have to to be sure that this is able to be done.

In order to connect with me you can leave me a message in my blog:
I want to connect with linux kernel guys that are going to be happy to help this project.

Garo Garabedyan