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    2.6.5 module -post kernel install questions

    Please bear with me as this is my first time compiling a kernel
    I was able to get the kernel 2.6.5 [on Slackware 9.1] to compile and install without error.
    I have an option for it in lilo and I can log in, start x and etc just fine.
    However, I seem to have missed something.
    I thought I had setup the netowrk settings but the only interface it shows is the loopback. I look at the loaded modules in the old kernel [2.4.22] and the new one. While the majority of modules in 2.4 look to be realted to sound there are a few that are not.
    The 2.6.5 lists none. Now this may be because I built usb support int the kernel and not as a module [the one loading in 2.4 that I could recognize]
    I also thought I had setup the network card to be in the kernel and not a module so I assume then it would not show up in the module list.
    where should I look ot how do I get the 2.6 to use the same startup that 2.4 does [in terms of network setup]

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    What does "ifconfig" tell you? If it doesn't show ethX, try to run "netconfig". If that doesn't work either, make shure you have actually build the correct module baked in to the kernel, or build it as a module (doesn't require a reboot).

    Good luck

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    there is no eth0 listed and netconfig does not add it.
    Now when you say to add it as a module do I
    go into the make menconfig
    select the correct driver [be sure to place M in it]
    save config
    then run make modules
    and make modules_install?

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    do ifconfig eth0 and post the output - if any

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    ifconfig eth0 generates

    error fetchin interface information: Device not found

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