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    replacing missing link in /proc

    Dear all,
    I've got a problem
    in /proc inside a directory pertinent to a PID, for example /proc/44444
    i've got a missing link, exe is actually poiniting to nowhere.

    When I launch top, I can see the process 44444 running but any attempt to kill this pid has failed.

    I also tried to replace the missing link to the correct path, but the system does not allow me to remove the exe entry before recreating it.

    What can I do without obviously reboot the system ?

    Thanks a lot


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    Does it mean if you reboot the system, then you would get that missing link back?

    First, the proc file system and portions of it have to be mounted somewhere at configuaration, and secondly, the drivers populate this file system.

    If you could rmmod and insmod the particular driver, maybe that repairs the missing link.

    Question is also, who takes off that missing link. Probably an error in that driver that writes into that part of the proc file system.
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    replacing missing link in /proc

    Thanks for Your answer,
    I'll try to provide more information,
    an application has been lauched via shell,
    usually when this happen a pid director will be created in /proc, the exe soft link points to the excutable launched via shell command (or that is what I think this should be). In my case, various istances of this application were launched, all were killed via kill -9 except this one. The only anomaly I've found concerning this latter case was the unresolved link in the proc dir. So I guessed this could be the problem.

    We are using SLES 9 SP3
    (kernel Linux t 2.6.5-7.244-smp #1 SMP Mon Dec 12 18:32:25 UTC 2005 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux )

    I'll expect that after a reboot this problem will not reappear unless the application will be relaunched via shell (but please remember all of the other istances of this application were successfully killed).

    Thanks a lot for Your kind interest


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