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    Trouble compiling kernel 2.6.6

    I have RH Fedora core 1 distribution installed in a local system. I downloaded the 2.6.6 kernel source and installed it. Then when ever I try to compile the source, "

    make mrproper
    make menuconfig (& do a do nothing save)

    it gives the error,

    make[1]: no rule to make target 'arch/i386/kernel/entry.o, needed by 'arch/i386/kernel/built-in.o'. Stop.
    make: *** ...... Error 2.

    I have gcc version 3.3.2 20031022 (RH Linux 3.3.2-1).

    Previously, after I installed the source fresh, I had directly given make menuconfig -> make & was getting the error like

    "invalid '(' symbol, in /arch/i386/kernel/entry.s at line no. 150".

    What is the use of the patch file that is available for each version? Should I patch a 2.6.6.tar.gz source with a 2.6.6 patch.

    I am still new to Linux.

    Thanks in advance.

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    cd /usr/src/linux
    make menuconfig
    make dep
    make clean
    make bzImage
    make modules
    cp /usr/Linux/src/arch/i386/boot/zImage /boot/newkernel
    make modules_install
    Generally thats how you are going to go about compiling a kernel.
    Notice that there is no plain "make" command.

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    I agree but, the compilation does not seem to be going beyond the first step.

    Does anybody know if kernel 2.6.x compiles with GCC 3.3.2? Or if I have a source code problem?


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    Try a make clean after the mrproper in your original method. If that doesn't work, I would get a new source tree and see if that fixes it.
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    Oh Ok! Thanks! That fixes it. The souirce tree was corrupted, I guess. I wonder why 'tar' or 'gunzip' didn't even warn me about it.

    Kernel 2.6.6 runs very stable!


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    for the 2.6 kernel you just run "make" without options so:

    make && make clean bzImage

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