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    undefined reference to `__this_module'


    On our embedded device I have a jitter buffer module jb.o. I don't have any code for it just compiled binary jb.o. It works ok and it can be insmoded and used without the problem. Now I want it to become part of the kernel and not insmoded anymore. I tried to link it to the kernel by adding

    obj-y := jb.o
    to the make file. Now I get error like

    arch/mips/infineon/incaip/jb/jb.a: In function `ifx_jb_get_status_proc':
    src/ifx_jb_algorithm.c:(.text+0x18e4): undefined reference to `__this_module'
    src/ifx_jb_algorithm.c:(.text+0x18e8): undefined reference to `__this_module'
    src/ifx_jb_algorithm.c:(.text+0x191c): undefined reference to `__this_module'
    src/ifx_jb_algorithm.c:(.text+0x1920): undefined reference to `__this_module'
    src/ifx_jb_algorithm.c:(.text+0x192c): undefined reference to `__this_module'
    What is the cause of this? I have other modules also which I compiled into the kernel without the problem. What is `__this_module' actually?


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    change /usr/src/linux-2.4 to what u r using or
    do a symlink of ur kernel directory to linux-2.4
    or rename your kernel directory to linux-2.4

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    I should be more specific on the exact situation I have. I'm using Mips32 crosscompiler in the Cygwin environment. I have the Linux kernel code in the

    folder. I did what you suggested and made symbolic link in the /usr/src folder to point to the kernel directory folder

    linux-2.4 -> /opt/kernel.2.4.31/source/kernel/opensource/linux-2.4.31/
    The problem did not go away. I still get the same error. Can you please explain a little bit further why would such an action help in the first place?

    Best regards,

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