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    Simplest possible linux

    How can I build my own simplest possible linux - that boots up, shows up the console and is capaple of performing basic commands such as cp, rm etc.?

    I have downloaded the latest kernel source from Now what? It would be better if I could build it as a live CD.

    Additionally, I don't wish to use any pre-existing distro and also don't prefer to try LFS at this moment.

    Can anybody help me. Plz...

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    Wouldn't you just compile what you need from the kernel for your own perosnal prefernces?

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    Well I'm not sure!

    Quote Originally Posted by Dude500 View Post
    Wouldn't you just compile what you need from the kernel for your own perosnal prefernces?
    I'm not sure. Compiling the kernel is so simple. But is the kernel enough itself? I mean does it contain programs such as cp, mv, mount etc?

    Another thing, suppose I have detached my HDD for I don't wanna loose valuable data accidentally. And I want to boot my custom distro from CD. Probably something like ramdisk is necessary. But how to tell the kernel to use ramdisk instead of hard disk?

    I will be greatful for any useful information...

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    I presume your platform would be a PC with an existent BIOS. So, it would already try to boot from hard drive or CD/DVD.

    If you don't mind the academical question it "it is really the simplest possible Linux", you could try busybox.

    Many people use this on their embedded boards. We run this on a diskless board with a MIPS processor.

    I guess you can use it with a default PC, too. It has different levels of a shell, i.e. shell commands.

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