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    specifical network driver

    Hi, i have IXP425 board and have this network hardware:

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~eth0 -- MII 0

    myeth0 --|~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~|-- EthPort0
    ~~~~~~~~~|----- eth1 -- MII 1 ----|
    myeth1 --|~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~|-- EthPort1

    eth1 - is from ixp400 Intel lib ixp400_eth.ko.

    I want to create two network devices, which really are one (eth1). But Linux must see them as different: ifconfig myeth0, myeth1.

    How can i do it???

    My variants:
    1. I can write a driver for myeth, but i don't know how to transmit and receive packets between my and eth1 driver (in functions hard_start_xmit etc.)
    2. Using aliases. For exmaple eth1:0, eth1:1, but in func hard_start_xmit i cannot define from which alias packets must be transmitted (if packet is routed, sorce ip will not be the same as alias ip).

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    Unfortunately, I don't understand much what the problem is, but I want to throw in my guess. Maybe it's helpful.

    If you want to couple those two Ethernet ports, couldn't you write a simple user application that acts as a bridge and does maybe some additional stuff, too, that I might not understand at the moment.

    It would be an endless while loop where it reads and writes to those two ports and you can reach through the packets from one port to the other.

    A short example with recv and send is here:
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