I used red hat (kernel 2.4.20) develop a driver for my net card. I want to export a varible(e100_dev ) in the kernel as so I can use it in my driver module. I add the varible in the sys.c (kernel/sys.c ) and export it used parse as EXPORT_SYMBOL(e100_dev), and recomple the kernel as usual. but this export varible can have the version message(for use the command cat /proc/ksyms, we can see this varible just like e100_dev_ver_e100_dev,not as the normal type e100_dev_R********),I delete the file sys.ver(include/linux/modules/sys.ver ) wanted the compiler can rebuild it. it is. the sys.ver include the version message like #define _ver_e100_dev R3454f but when I recompile the kernel and the modules , the export as same as the before (as e100_dev_ver_e100_dev), and my module use it can resolved the symble e100_dev.
what is wrong ? pls someone can tell me . Thanks a lot!!!!!

James Chou