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    Firts Kernel compilation problems

    I will start by the beginning I compile my first Debian etch kernel 2.6.21 everything went smooth until reboot which hung so I had to shut down and restart and use the original option from grub 2.6.18-4-686
    So I decided to try an other attempt at this and I saw Kernel which I compile and use the following Kernel configuration command
    make defconfig
    all went fine install the new compile and it boot just fine but wired connection greyed out so no option and the sound was disable as well but other than that all seem ok.

    Did I do something wrong or is there an option to regain the internet and sound?

    Also when I am satisfied with this latest can I delete the old 2.6.21 that did not work and edit the menu.lst and remove those entries or is there a special way to remove them?

    Started using Linux two weeks ago and just having fun maybe a few more grey hair and maybe a few less as well <LOL>

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    If the sound and wired network connection are not working, then it means that you probably did not compile the required drivers as modules or into the kernel. You can uninstall the old kernel if you wish, but personally I think its a good idea to leave installed, just as a backup.

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    I compiled a few more last night to play around with different way of doing the config, and my last tried was with xconfig and got a kernel that seems to be working just fine there is only one problem and that is the icon for the wired connection and it start connected and even if I click to disconnect it will show the disconnect window and reconnect at the same time.

    I am assuming there must be a way to fix this minor problem.
    I do like the option to get wired when I want to instead of being on all the time.

    Compile Kernel

    Ps I have stumble on the way on how to remove kernel we install using synaptic package manager I got lucky the more I play around the more I learn stuff.

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