Hi all,

I have been diving the source code available in /usr/src/linux/net/core/dev.c (kernel 2.6.1 and I have realised that there is an call to a function named dogettimeofday within the code of an inline function __net_timestamp.

It seems as if a timestamp was attached to the network packets in different points through their journey to the upper levels. I would like to know if this timestamping is being accumulated for its future use at the user level by tools such as tcpdump and if I could use this checkpoints in order to have an idea of how much time is spending the system in each stage of the packet capture or if it would be better to use different calls, I mean: rdtsc, rdtscl.


P.S. Hope this post is in the right forum, if it should've been in the one about Networking please tell me.