Regarding kernel compilation, As we know while configuring kernel,
[*] built-in and <*> module capable options.

I would like to change one[*] built in option to module capable option.

Is it possible to do? If so how can we do that?

Particularly with example

In the kernel version 2.6.20[*] v41 compat[*]v4l2-common, made it built-in

In the previous kernel <*> v4l compat <*> v4l2-common module capable.

Now I am switching from to 2.6.20.

I dont want that v4l compat and v4l2 common as built in and integral part of kernel.

I would like to have these as module capable to use as per my requirement.

Can anybody tell me how can I do this ? Any suggestion in this respect greatly appreciated .

Thanks in advance