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    Filesystems created now I am stuck: How to install DSL on HDD ?

    All of a sudden I am getting linux mania with so many free models available :
    I have chosen to install as follows :
    /dev/sda9 -- > DSL 1.2g
    /dev/sda10 ---> Xbuntu ( 2.5gigs)
    /dev/sda7 - > Feather ( 900mb)
    /dev/Sda8 --> Puppy ( 900mb)
    /dev/sda3 --> opensuse 11 ( 4.2g already installed )
    /dev/sda6 ---> 1g common swap for all .
    I used Yast2 to make the partitions . ALL OF THEM in ext3 and ALL except for OpenSuse11 are Logical Partitions from an extended Windows Vista Partiton which I resized.

    Now I made a bootable DSL Cd....
    Booted fine.
    I used Frugal - Grub option to start and install.
    it asked me what partition you want it to load image .
    I entered hda9 ../dev/hda9 no such partition...then
    sda9 same problem
    I went to the terminal and typed
    sudo -u root dsl-hdinstall
    and it gave an equivalent message ...I guess not the same words.

    Questions ....:
    <> Dear Friends....NOW that my partitions are ready how can I install DSL to my already existing /ext3 partition.
    <> ALSO since SUSE11 in already installed, I would NOT like it do a grub install. I just want to install all these linux distros and have them indexed in the SUSE loader. How should I do that ?
    Can some one help PLEASE.
    <>Also I would like to know how can i install interpro wireless 495 abgn drivers for linux
    <> I have an ASUS F3SV Laptop with Webcam . T7300 where can I download the webcam drivers for linux
    Thanks galore
    Happy thanksgiving.

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    Is sda9 a boot partition? You only need 60 mb for a DSL Image partion that I know of. 1.2 gig is waste ful. I would break up sda9 into 60 mb boot primary and leave the rest of the leftover 1.2gig as free space primary on sda9 for saved changes in Damn Small Linux. The image file needs to be bottable. You will need to use yast to add Damn Small Linux to Suse 11 grub bootloader. I'll give you a link on installing DSL but you will have to customise the install to your wants. As far as your other questions, I wouls make each one an individual thread. Too many questions to answer for me to answer, at least at once. Good luck San.
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    Hey Many thanks again.
    I already have SuSe / Kubuntu / xp and vista installed.
    The link you sent is asking me to wipe dry my HDD. What if I want to install it into an preexisting partition ?
    Also, is the concept for DSL installation that you cannot just install it like you install SuSe and Kbuntu ( configure a partitioner and then next next ) from the CD and what is meant that you have to copy it to your HDD first and then make that the 1st bootable Device ? Or you can load that image after you boot to the live cd...
    So given this situation , that I have already created my partitions , let us say I also create a 64mb partition for the image. I am too confused ...what is my next step. ..? If I have to modify the grub menu of Suse what options do I put for DSL ? I am too confused ...if you can perhaps throw some light it will help a lot....
    Thanks again

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    I only run dual boot installs, but there is a way (I have never done it though) to break up sda9 into 2 seperate partitions. One is for the image of DSL which is like 60mb total. That is your operating system. Then like I said the other part of sda9 is just for saved changes. You don't need to wipe the whole drive as the instuctions say. You just need to break up sda9.

    As far as editing the grub menu in suse, as you can see from my signature, I don't run it. Maybe another forum member running Suse can elaborate on this.

    You are attempting a complicated install of multiple operating systems and its a bit out of my skill set. I only know about installing DSL because I have done it before. On the frugal install it asks where do you want DSL installed and you have to specify that it goes to the partition you have labled as boot. And like I said, DSL only takes up about 60 mb of hardrive space for the operating system. It requires you to make space also for saved changes like installing flash and other application installs. Thats why I say that you need to leave the leftover space from the 1.2 gig in sda9 for changes. Your right when you say DSL does not install like lets say Ubuntu or Suse. You have to do it manually and I suggest you might want to substitute maybe Puppy Dingo for it instead on that 1.2 gig partiton. It will go alot easier than DSL.
    I refuse to let fear and fear of others rule my life. It puts my humanity at risk.
    Accepting Death is the only way to stay alive.

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