hi,i tried to install ds linux on a tecra 8200. i downloaded the iso, burned a cd, put it in my laptop and booted. i begin install,things seems to be fine. selected "secure install",so i#ve been asked for a root pwd and a dsl pwd. put them in, answer was "accepted",then "checking for mydsl apps...done", then "INIT: entering runlevel: 5", "session opened for user dsl by (uid=0)", then twice "xauth: creating new authority file /home/dsl/.Xauthority". Now it seems to be waiting for an input, but i can type everything, nothing happens...what's the next step? By the way, i chose this distro, because my pc is old and i've read dsl should be a good choice for older hardware,is this correct or would you suggest other distros?tecra 8200 is a pIII 850 with 128 mb ram.
thanks for helping,