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    Screen Resolution

    I just burnt Knoppix 5.1 DVD to disc. I have a 19" LCD that runs native on 1280x1204 but when I boot up knoppix it sets to 1204x768 and I can't set it any higher. I found this odd since I thought Knoppix had the best hardware detection of all the distros because when I pop in Ubuntu it boots to the correct resolution immediately. Anyway help is appreciated

    Thanks in advance.

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    I think there's a cheatcode you can use before the CD begins to fully boot. Check the different options available by F-key right after the CD starts to boot, but before it goes to the desktop.

    Here's are a few cheatcodes:

    Cheat Codes - Knoppix Documentation Wiki

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    Thanks Ozar, that seems to have gotten it working. I still have some minor issues that don't bother me that much for my purposes but if there are any answers that would be great:

    1) Is there anyway I could get Knoppix to boot like that without having to type the cheat code? It's not a big deal just wondering.

    2) Certain patches of my screen are crystal clear while others are blurry. Is that a driver issue or something?

    3) My screen is off center and I have to adjust the Horizontal position to get it to fit properly. Again this isn't much of a big deal.

    4) When scrolling down web pages or any other window the display is very jerky moving in an awkward way. Now I am almost positive this is a driver issue.

    Again these aren't huge concerns but any advice would be nice.

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