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Thread: DSL and laptop

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    DSL and laptop

    I have a toshiba satelite laptop, (old) and I would like to install my damm small linux onto it.
    I have millenium on the laptop now so I would like to do a dual boot if possible, in the DSL there are scripts to install and make boot floppies but when I run cfdisk I get an error, it cannot find HD, even though it is mounted???

    I am a newbie to linux so could someone please give me a poke in the right direction to be able to do this.

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    If you want to dual-boot, you will have to partition your hard drive. You should shrink the partition with win ME.
    Once you shrink the partition with ME, Boot from the DSL cd.
    Open the terminal and type:
    sudo -s
    (press enter)
    cfdisk /dev/hda
    (press enter)
    This will open up the partitioner.
    If you shrunk you ME partition correctly, there will be a selection called "unpartitioned space."
    Highlight "unpartitioned space" and click new
    create a new partition in the unpartitioned space of about 128 mb (make it primary and at the beginning)
    Now choose "type"
    Press the space bar and type: 82
    (press enter)
    Now choose the rest of the "unpartitioned space"
    Choose "New" and create a new partition, using whatever memory is left on your hard drive.
    Now choose "type"
    Press the space bar and type: 83
    (press enter)
    Now choose "Boot" to make this partition bootable
    Choose "write" to write the changes you made to your hard drive and then choose "exit"
    After you exit, type: sudo reboot
    your computer will then restart.
    Boot from the DSL cd again
    Now open the terminal
    now type in: mkswap /dev/hda2
    (press enter)
    Now type: swapon /dev/hda2
    (press enter)
    now type in: dsl-hdinstall
    (press enter)
    This will start the install.
    Make sure you tell it to install to hda3
    choose the grub bootloader and say yes when it asks if you have windows on hda1

    Hope this helps

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