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    updating knoppix 3.3

    Hi all,

    I have knoppix 3.3 installed to HD on a IBM PC 300GL, 128 meg ram, Pentium 2. The bios does not allow booting from cd, so 3.3 works because it came with a boot floppy image that I could easily write with rawrite. But, when I run apt-get I get error messages; something to do with the source list. Is there a simple explanation documented on how to fix this, with this version of knoppix.

    I would install 5.1.1 if it came with the boot floppy image, but it does not seem to.

    I'm a ed-technologist for a primary school, and I have a couple of these computers I'd like to give to students - better than recycling them. It just would be nice to customize them a bit, or to have the latest packages. Thanks!

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    Welcome to the forums, willhatch!

    I don't think you will be able to find an easy upgrade path for Knoppix, so a fresh install would be my recommendation. That said, you also need to know that installing Knoppix to the hard drive is not recommended according to the Knoppix wiki, although it is done successfully all the time.

    Just wondering... have you looked for a motherboard BIOS upgrade that might allow you to boot directly from the installation CD?

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