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    using Knoppxi to removed un-removable files from a windows XP system

    As a big fan of Knoppix and their Live CD. I have been using it from version 4.0.2 to 5.1.1 as a recovery tool when peoples Windows (all versions) crashed and would not boot. The Knoppix Live CD was the only tool that let me do what I needed to backup important data before formatting the hard drive if that was the only workable fix. (More often then not!) I always left them with a copy of Knoppix so they could play with it, and if needed again, use it for recovering their data.

    Recently, I had several un-removable file on my system. Flash8b.ocx and Flash9b.ocx. Both defied removal as if they were stuck in cement. So out came my trusty Knoppix Live CD and shortly there after, those stubborn files were history for good.
    And this lesson made me realize that I need Linux on my system, at my finger tips full time, so itís (and long over due) duel boot time. (I need XP for a few games, but little else.)

    Lesson learned - Have Linux on board at all times.

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    I just want to agree with you. Fixing the annoying habit on Wondozze of it not letting you delete something which obviously is not critical, is a great use of a live cd, or linked Linux. I went so far and I deleted XP, got a bit carried away.

    We have a saying here, Windows is a good hardware abstraction layer & Linux a good OS. And I am pleased to say Linux is getting better and better in the hardware dept.

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