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Thread: FBI Knoppix

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    FBI Knoppix

    I am looking for the Knoppix LiveCD for computer forensics. My Linux instructor set me up with a copy of his but I let another instructor borrow it and he never gave it back. I just graduated so I just cant walk right in and get it back. I was hoping it would be easy to find but it's giving me a challenge. It might also be known as the Forensics Field Kit. If anyone has any information about where I can download it I would be extremely greatful, thank you.

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    I think thats the one, I knew it by a different name but the name I knew wasnt the official name. I will nevertheless give it a shot. I can add it to my growing collection of livecd's thx for the assist.

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    I found many of the apps on this distro very useful. You may want to check out the re-write of it called CIAoppix, which includes a nice little app where you can enter the information of a person. Results are displayed that show the person's threshold for resisting certain tortures; such as, simulated drowning. You don't want to "accidently" kill someone before the give all the answers that you just wanted to hear. It also has tor built in, so if you are monitoring someones personal communications without one of those pesky court orders you will be close to untraceable.
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    CIAoppix? never heard of it but it certainly sounds interesting. I tried to google it and got nothing. I guess I will have to dig around for it unless you have a link to a download site.

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