Hi Folks

I would like to solicit some suggestions for security while traveling. Here is my deal. I am going round the worls fro a year. I will have to check mail and may have to do some online banking while away. My access will be only cyber cafes I mostly traveling to third worls countries so there are obviously security concerns fro my data. Here is my current gameplan.

1) I am going to use embedded dsl/Qemu on a usb for my os. THis takes care of most if not all trojans, malware, viruses becuase most if not all are written for windows os.
2) Reboot the machine in the cybercafe to clear volatile mem, possibly even shut down some programs.
3) Open task manager to gleen for any suspect programs e.g. keyloggers etc and kill anything I dont like
4) IN the event keyloggers are stealthed hardware or software and are recording all keystrokes. I use a password app so that I can just cp and paste the passwords without typing them, also prevents shoulder surf
5) Finish my biz and reboot once more.

Any other suggestions would be welcome.