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    Fun with Knoppix

    I'll boot up the Live DVD

    It'll say "welcome to Knoppix"

    Running live Kernel 2.6.19

    Then it looks for USB/Firewire, finds it

    Then in big red letters it says;

    "Can't find file system" WTF!!!

    Below that it says;

    Additional Commands Available:

    cat, mount, umount, insmod, immod, lsmod

    Kinda wanted to give this a looksy but I guess that ain't happening.

    I opened up the iso with nero and did a slow burn, there's 4.2 gb of, I guess crap! on the DVD, obviously not any Knoppix system files

    Just another fun Distro I'm really loving Linux

    Of course being so new to Linux I probably missed an important step somewhere, just don't know where, help please if you feel like it otherwise, thanx!

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    Try a different mirror site to download your image from. You may have gotten a corrupted image.

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    One of the nice security Distro... I ever seen.


  4. $spacer_open
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    same like metal jazz, i guess u got a corrupt images, try download it from differnt mirror plz, mine work well with pentium 3, of course it will run better on yours.
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    linux for designer it's all run in knoppix

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