I'm using Knoppix right now, coz Ubuntu was on a HDD that passed away

So I like this persistent Knoppix image, however how do i configure the startup INIT scripts to set my static ip on eth0. However what I would like is this :

1. the script checks if my eth0 mac address is my PC's if so configures according to my ip address configuration else leaves it on DHCP (which is like 90% of PCs in my country)

cause right now i'm using a bash script that calls netcardconfig to set up eth0 but that is after everything is booted up and i've to start Kopete again to reconnect.

So how do I do it?

Besides any Mac OS X Leopard-like theme for knoppix i searched kde-look.org but most of them are archives which unseen in the "Install Theme" file-selection dialog