Hi, first post here.
Please be gentle if this has already been addressed in the forum - I did search but am using a slow dial up connection!

I have just installed Knoppix 5.1 to a 8GB USB stick, which runs as a live cd I believe.

It seams to work okay, apart from 1 issue I can not sort out.

I have created a "persistent home directory" as advised by a procedure I was following, I put this at 4GB.

Okay, so all is working and I have made changes to the desktop - simple things like time zone and 'British' English, etc

The problem is this....
When I boot up I have a menu called "Knoppix Configuration" which reads as follows:

Found image file (media/sda4/knoppix.img)
This contains components listed below which can be activated separately.
If you do nothing in 10 seconds the image will be activated.

[*] home........mount persistent knoppix home directory
[*] system.....add as persistent, writeable system area
[ ] overwrite..overwrite/update stored system configuration
[*] init...........start INIT boot su??? (network, printer, etc)

If I leave it 10 seconds it loads up the default Knoppix desktop - as if it is a live cd.

If I select 1st option It boots my personalised desktop.

Can I force it to select the 1st option? What is option 2? If I miss the menu I have to re-boot! Or is there something wrong with what I am doing?

All I want to do is have an install I can use on my works laptop (new Thinkpad T61)

Please bear in mind this is my 1st successful (?!) install of a distro after 2 months or so of trying different ones with different machines! So I am just a beginner with all of the Linux genre.
Thanks for any help!