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    Question Knoppix won't recognise mouse

    This is my first dabble with linux and it will probably be the last. The way it refuses to see any sort of mouse (marble mouse with ps2 adapter or straight into the usb socket, standard ps2 mouse ) renders it useless. I know windows has it's faults but at least it recognises all the bits on my P.C.
    I keep reading things like dump windows and go for linux but the simple truth is that for me windows works but linux don't
    If any one can suggest a easy way of making the program see a mouse I'm prepared to give it a go but ?

    Cheers Phil

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    Welcome to the forums, Phil!

    Not sure why the mouse isn't working but I'd recommend trying a different distribution. Knoppix is a great liveCD, but if you should decide you like Linux and want to stick with it, there are other distributions that are easier to maintain once it's installed onto the hard drive.

    You can check the link in my signature for lots of good information on getting started with Linux and there are a couple of quizzes that will help you to pick a distribution that might be suitable for you. Also, be sure to read the Linux is NOT Windows article to get an idea about the differences, and why it is a good thing that they are not the same.

    Remember that Linux is not for everyone. I personally think that all users should try a few different OS options and then use whatever works for them. Of course, you do need to use all options for long enough to at least give them a fair chance.

    In the interim, perhaps a person running Knoppix can chime in with a solution for the mouse issue.

    Best of luck with it whichever route you should take.

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    Hi Ozar

    I've used two different Distributions so far with the same result,
    to be fair it looks like it's worth playing about with but with no mouse !

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