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    Force mounting bad harddrive

    Hey everyone,
    So, my computer crashes, won't boot so I'm trying to recover files with knoppix. It boots up fine in Knoppix, but when I try to mount the bad hard drive, it gives the whole NFTS is unclean message. I've looked around a bit and tried to force mount it, but it just gives me the same message...I'm a total newb, so I'm just trying to get ideas that are specific to my problem instead of trying to apply it from other ideas.

    What are the force mount commands and any other ideas on how I might recover the files?


    EDIT: btw, I got my version of Knoppix from the very bottom link on this page - version 5.1.1

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    you could try this from the terminal;

    sudo mount.ntfs /dev/yourdrive /mnt/ -o force

    This should force mount your drive to the /mnt dir dont forget to change the path to your partition.

    You can find this by running;

    sudo fdisk -l

    If you have a spare disk of equal or greater size you could try to use dd or ddrescue here are some examples of both;

    dd if=/dev/old_disk of=/dev/new_disk

    ddrescue -r 1 /dev/old_disk /dev/new_disk rescued.log

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    I actually was able to force mount the hard drive, but I wasn't even able to read the files It just said something about those files not existing anymore. I think this hard drive is screwed...

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